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The Order Process

1. Order a Yearbook

Yearbook Store
UAA has used the same online yearbook provide for 11 years now. No orders are ever paid for in the office.

2. Did I buy a book?

Paid Pre-Orders List – new list coming as books start to be purchased.

3. Order due date

Free Shipping: April 22, 2024
Pre-order now until the above date passes.

Shipping Cost Added: Any time after the order due date, books are still available to order and will be shipped to your home. Most ordered by April 30 will still come before yearbook signing day which is usually on the Wed or Thu before graduation. If ship to home is your option, please keep them home until signing day.

Contact Info

Chris Andrus, Yearbook Adviser
[email protected]

Seniors Only*

Senior Ads

For the 2023-24 school year:
Email Mr. Andrus to reserve a spot for a senior ad. They are $40.00 for a half page, we don’t do any other sizes, nor do we charge an outrageous amount compared to the local schools. Payments are made through the school website only. When you reserve an ad spot I will email you the content information, due date and the link to make your payment. After that you will get reminder emails that will become more often as we get closer to the due date, which is commonly March 15th each year.

Senior Quotes/Photos

Submit senior quotes and photos through the Google Form that is emailed to all seniors or email them to [email protected].

*Because of the limited number of ad spaces, ads are only available to 4th year Seniors, early graduating juniors are not eligible.

*Early graduating Juniors will be placed in the Juniors section of the yearbook, but may send a photo to Mr. Andrus to replace their Lifetouch photo and a “Early Graduate” text will be placed on the photo.