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THSA has used the same online yearbook provide for 8 years now. No orders are ever paid for in the office.

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Senior Ads

Email Mr. Andrus to reserve a spot for a senior ad. They are $35.00 for a half page, we don’t do any other sizes, nor do we charge an outrageous amount. Payments are made with Heather in the office, over the phone or in person.
Contact: [email protected]

Order due date

Free Shipping: April 23, 2021 by 4:00pm (this date has passed)

Shipping Cost Added: Any time after due date, books are still available to order and will be shipped to your home. Most ordered by April 30 will still come before yearbook signing day on May 13.

Senior Quotes/Photos

Submit senior quotes and photos to the yearbook staff or email to [email protected] (if you have any issues with the form).