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Course Offerings

Course Descriptions: 2023-2024 | 2024-2025 (next year)

Current 2023-2024 courses listed below with credits. Courses are currently being updated for 2024-2025. Review the link above and table below.

Arts classes:
Audition and placement meetings are how students are placed in specific Arts course levels to exhibit skills, preparation and experience. These take place the 3rd week of May and are posted on the home page.

All courses in italics are being added/updated for the 2024-2025 school year. Some courses may be removed and replaced by these updated courses. Updates will be finalized by August 2024.

Core Classes

Course – Credits


English 8
English 91.0
English 101.0
English 111.0
English 121.0
AP English Lit & Comp1.0


Math 8
Math 11.0
Math 21.0
Math 31.0
Advanced Calculus & Applications1.0


Integrated Science 8
Earth Science (Earth and Space Science)1.0
Environmental Science1.0

Social Studies

US History (US History I & II)1.0
World History0.5
US Government0.5
Financial Literacy0.5
World Religions0.5*
Current Issues0.5*
Classical Studies0.5*
*Social Studies Elective

Foreign Language

Spanish I1.0
Spanish II1.0
Spanish III

Healthy Lifestyles

Fit for Life0.5
Lifetime Sports0.5

Digital Studies

Digital Business*0.5
*Digital Business is not a CTE credit.

Arts Classes

Course – Credits

Commercial Music

Songwriting Workshop (Songwriting/Music Prod. Workshop)1.0
Songwriting/Music Prod. Methods
Songwriting/Music Prod. Advanced
Songwriting/Music Prod. Next
Comm Music Next (Songwriting)1.0
Piano Workshop1.0
Piano Methods1.0
Piano Advanced I/II
Comm Music Next (Piano Ensemble)1.0
AP Music Theory1.0
Guitar Workshop1.0
Guitar Methods1.0
Guitar Advanced I/II
Comm Music Next (Guitar Ensemble 8-9, 10-12)1.0
Comm Music Ensemble


Classical Dance Workshop1.0
Classical Dance Methods1.0
Classical Dance Next1.0
Commercial Dance Workshop1.0
Commercial Dance Workshop1.0
Commercial Dance Next1.0
Dance Company/Next1.0
Jazz & Broadway Dance Beg/Int
Pre-Pointe & Contemporary Dance, Beginner/Intermediate
Dance Company, Advanced
Pointe & Contemporary Dance, Advanced
Hip Hop Beg/Int
Hip Hop Advanced

Acting & Vocal

Intro to Arts (8th)
8/9 Choir
8/9 Musical
Vocal Ensemble (Mixed Choir)1.0
Vocal Methods (Choral/Vocal Advanced)1.0
Show Choir
Acting Workshop1.0
Acting Methods1.0
Acting Next/Devising (Acting Company/Next)1.0
Acting Advanced I/II
Acting Improv Methods (Improv Advanced I/II)1.0
Improv Company
Stage Sound & Lighting Workshop
Stage Sound & Lighting Methods (Int/Adv)1.0

Visual Arts

Art Workshop (Drawing/Painting Workshop)1.0
Art Methods (Drawing/Painting Methods)1.0
Art Next (Advanced Art)1.0
AP Studio Art + Design1.0
Art Next/Devise (Art Company/Next)1.0
Digital Workshop (Digital/Printmaking Workshop)1.0
Digital Methods (Digital/Printmaking Methods)1.0
Adobe Certification1.0
Art History1.0