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Yearbook Staff

2023-2024 Creators

Seniors – Tucker Simkins, Kalina Tucker
Juniors – Piper Daughtery, Tim Baker, Hailie Johnson, Halo Hart, Anne Musser, Peyton Horvath, Ollie Gordon
Sophomores – Samuel Kay, Adelyn Koopmans, Sara Monger, Bailey Smith
Adviser: Chris Andrus

Thanks 2022-2023 creators, what a cool yearbook, Burn the Ships!

Riley Dillon, Ruby Andrus, Bentley Espinoza, Halo Hart, Hailie Johnson, Tim Baker, Jill Wood, Tucker Simkins, Anne Musser, Piper Daugherty

Common Questions

At the end of each year (April 4-11, 2023 this year) we will take applications for the next year’s staff.

Cum. GPA of 3.4+, a positive attitude and a consistent attendance record. You must also keep a 3.4 GPA or above each quarter and have a full time schedule at UAA. You have to be fully engaged in our culture and that is hard to do on another campus.

On average 15 students are on Yearbook Staff each year. When students graduate or don’t stay on the next year because of schedule conflicts, then spots open. There are on average 5-10 spots open each year.

Taking a Digital Workshop or Methods course(s) may give you an increased chance of getting on the staff, but they are not required. Some training happens in class. Photographers needed. The ability to follow instructions, but lead when needed. A positive attitude every day, negativity is not welcome.