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Students involved in the following courses may be eligible for a school letter. Review the Disclosure for the Performance Eligibility/Code of Conduct rules.

Dance Co.(class)
Titan Guitar Ensemble (class)
Chamber Choir (class)
Performing Arts Co. (PAC) (class)
Yearbook Staff (class)
Chamber Orchestra (class)

Studio Art (class)
Student Council (class)
Improv (club)
Ballroom Co. (class)
3D Design II (class)
Master Production (class)
Audio Lab II

Qualification Standards:

  • In order to qualify for the classes, you must complete an entire year and receive a “B” grade with no more than 3 excused absences and/or tardies per quarter. In addition, students must engage and be involved in high-quality collaborative design, candid feedback, and original work. Additionally, students must not receive a level 200, 300, 400, or 500 discipline demerit, which includes repeated violations of level 100. Students must also participate in all required performances/events.
  • For a Theatre Company letter, a student must have a significant role in a minimum of two theatrical productions over the course of the year. Ensemble members do not qualify for a letter.
  • In order to receive a letter in 3D design/Master Production/Audio Lab II, a student must qualify for all “class” expectations as well as contribute to 5+ school related pieces/performances.