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Room 208 – MT Vocal

Jeffry Nielsen

Musical Theatre/Para

2023-24 Class Schedule

A1MT MethodsB1Prep
A2SPED ParaB2Vocal Ensemble Methods
A3MT NextB3MT Methods
A4PrepB4SPED Para


B.S. in Music Education, Utah Tech University

Previous Experience:

Student Teacher, Lava Ridge Intermediate (2023)
Utah Tech Concert choir/Chamber singers ensemble member (2019-2022)
Utah Arts Academy Graduate (2014)

Philosophy of Education

Music Education is essential to the growth and development of all students. Every student, no matter their cultural background or their socioeconomic status is equally deserving of a quality education. There is no one correct way to teach music, and it is the responsibility of the Music Educator to be open to change, and willing to teach in whatever way best meets the needs of their students. Music is, at its core, a form of art, and Music Educators should help their students find the joy that exists in the act of creating something new and beautiful.