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Guitar Lab 104

Dave Andersen


2024-25 Class Schedule

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BM, UNLV (Music Education)
BM, UNLV (Music Performance/Classical Guitar)
MM, UNLV (Music Performance/Classical Guitar)

Previous Experience:

Student teaching Las Vegas Academy, 7 years private studio teacher, Utah Tech University.

Professional Affiliations:



6 straight years Superior rating @ Region Solo/Ensemble (Guitar Ensemble). 5 straight years Superior Rating @ State Solo/Ensemble (Guitar Ensemble). 10+ Superior Rating @ State Solo/Ensemble (soloists).

About Dave:

Dave Andersen (affectionately known as “Dave the Dreaded”) is a utility musician bringing 20+ years of teaching and performance experience to the students of UAA. Dave’s ability and diversity as a player is evidenced in the professional work he currently engages in. Ranging from being a sought after guitarist for pit orchestras, to a touring musician sharing the stage in support of nationally recognized acts, to an accomplished classical guitarist performing with symphonies, small chamber groups, and as a soloist.  As an educator he holds multiple degrees and certifications in music and technology (B.A. Music Education, B.A. Music Performance, M.M. Music Performance, Dante (Level 1), Google Educator (level 1), Testout: IT Fundamentals Pro, PC Pro, Network Pro, Security Pro, Linux Pro, CompTia: A+ Core 1, A+ Core 2, Network+, Security+, Linux+) and has taught at every level of education including years as a collegiate professor. He continues to assist aspiring musicians as a guest clinician in workshops/masterclasses, as well as coach the UAA Guitar Ensemble to consistent high ratings in festivals and competitions.

North Star:

Personal: I’ve always been drawn to styles/music from people who present it in a different light than others.  The ones who introduce new techniques, or new ways to utilize standard techniques. I’m inspired by MANY guitarists, so here is my condensed version.  Ichika Nito and Tim Henson inspire me musically/technically through their unique use of rhythm and extended techniques.  Marek Pasciezny and Alexander Misko  constantly expand what can be done on the guitar, in terms of fingerstyle technique, and what can be presented on the instrument sonically.  Julian Lage presents his music in such a unique voice that it is impossible to replicate.  You can play his music, but you’ll never be able to play it and sound like Julian. John 5 is my inspiration for being proficient in almost any style/genre.  He is a student of the instrument and is constantly exploring stylistic tendencies and how to sound authentic in any genre.  He is my inspiration in my own quest to be proficient in almost all styles, so that I can help ALL my students in their musical interests/goals.

School: I look more towards colleges/conservatories in terms of what I would like my program to be.  Most high school programs make all students specialize in a specific style.  A big majority use the classical style as their model.  I am a classical specialist myself and adore that style of guitar, however the guitar is in many genres of music, and each one has their own specific techniques.  I want to give individual students the time/space to explore and find their voice with the instrument, and help them specialize when they do so.  Berklee College of Music  presents many options in different styles of guitar with an outstanding faculty.  I look to them as a premier institution and one that helps students with their specific musical goals in whatever style they choose.  I look to grant my students that same atmosphere as they continue on their musical journey’s, whether it be commercial or collegiate.