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Photo by Russell Gearhart / @gearhartphoto


Audition Info

Audition info for 2020-2021 groups will is currently being posted, Look for the dates, signup, times and materials.

Audition Groups

A Cappella Choir, Art Production, Ballroom Co., Dance Co., Yearbook, Leadership (Student Council), Guitar Ensemble, Pit Band, Technical Theatre, PAC (COPA), Dance 3, Master Production, Collaborative Piano, Chamber Choir, Music Production Master Class, Chamber Orchestra, Improv Co.

Dates & Materials

The following auditions dates will happen between Jul 27- Aug 6, and may be done in person, via digital portfolio, Zoom or recordings, depending on the group. See linked documents for signup information and materials.

PAC (7/27)
Improv (7/28)
Dance Co (8/3)
Ballroom (8/3)
A Cappella (8/5)
Chamber Choir (8/6)


Auditions are held for active students during the last week of the current school year for the upcoming school year. Auditions may be made available for incoming students as staff deems necessary. Audition specific info will be posted later in the year for group dates and times. Audition group eligibility is managed under the Performer Code of Conduct and all other school policies.