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Julie Senior Photo

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Rm – 212

Julie Aikens


2022-23 Class Schedule

A1English 10B1English 12
A2PrepB2English 12
A3English 10B3Prep
A4English 10B4English 12
F1Academic AdvisoryF2Academic Advisory

As I was going to University to get my teaching certificate, I worked as a substitute teacher. Those were always my favorite days. There was an energy at the school that I loved. The class sizes were smaller and the students were kind, positive and hard working. My dream job was to be a Utah Arts teacher and, to my amazement, that dream came true! Now that I’m here it’s even better than I could have imagined. What I love best is the way teachers and students are always working to improve. We seek feedback, even when it can be hard to hear, because we want to be the best we can be. We believe in collaboration. Working together toward a goal is challenging, but so rewarding. I love watching students lean into the hard work and grow; I love that this school challenges me to do the same.


BS in English, Technical Writing, Utah State University
Teaching Certificate, Dixie State University

Previous Experience:

Technical Writer, Tree of Light Institute
Paraprofessional, Pine View Middle School
Substitute Teacher, Washington County School District, and Charter Schools